No hypebeast incidents in city


BAGUIO CITY – Police and education officials disclosed that there were no more hype beast initiated incidents that were reported in the different parts of the city over the past several weeks until the close of the school-year.

City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Federico martin said that based on the close monitoring done by the agency and school officials in the city since the issue on the hype beast cropped up, there were no more hype beast related incidents that were recorded which indicates that the members of the different hypebeast groups might have focused on other things.

However, he assured Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan that education and school officials are doing their best to abate the occurrence of untoward incidents inside and outside their campuses related to the presence of hype beasts in the different schools in the city.

For his part, Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) City Director Senior Superintendent Ramil L. Saculles reminded parents to continue monitoring the activities of their children by making sure that when they go out of their house, they will be wearing their school uniform and when they come home, they should also be in their school uniform.

Further, he claimed that parents should also make sure that they inspect the bags of their children before they go out of their house so that they will not be keeping extra clothes, especially the signature ones, to prevent them from being involved in untoward incidents that pose a serious threat to their safety.

The police official claimed the different hype beast groups in the city frequently use the names of signature clothes as the name of their group while the numbers being attached to their group refer to the strength or the total mbership of the hype beast organization existing in the city.

According to him, policemen are on alert when young ones gather in certain areas within the central business district area, especially when they are wearing signature clothes, so that they could immediately disperse them to prevent them from being involved in bullying incidents that result to inflicting injuries to those whom they believe are not actual members of their group.

Saculles explained hypebeast refers to “hanep sa porma” and they frequently use names of signature shirts, pants, jackets and shoes to be able to convince youngsters to join them, thus, the problem occurs when young ones are able to purchase immitations of such items in the night market that expose them to possible bullying because the members of the hype beast group using the signature shirt will surely harasss the ones who are wearing similar shirts purchased from the immitations sold in the night market.

Martin and Saculles expressed confidence that with the start of the summer vacation, students and children will be able to realize the serious negative effects of joining any hype beast group through the guidance of their parents and relatives and avert the occurrence of untoward incidents that will compromise their safety in the future.

Domogan commended police and education officials for their unrelenting and uncompromising efforts in neutralizing the possible increase in the number of students joining the hype beast groups and reduce their violent activities in the city.

By Dexter A. See


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