Pain is…

Pain is true love, true love is pain.  Pain is the best yet the most horrible manifestation of true love.

Maybe people would think why pain should be a part of human nature.

Why should pain be a special aspect to be considered in living?

Why doesn’t pain exempt anyone from going through it?  Why do we have to feel pain?

Well, the pain we feel depends on how much love we give. If we are aware of love then, we should also be aware of pain.

Love is complex and so is pain. There are many ways to express love yet there are also many to drag ourselves in the pit of pain.

Pain is felt because love is also felt. The statement “I’m scared to love” doesn’t really mean scared to feel the love instead it meant that people are scared of pain, aren’t you?

Pain is physical yet it’s also emotional. It is never a good feeling to be in pain, isn’t it?

Yet, on the contrary, love is so pure that anyone would risk being in pain just to feel loved and to give love.

There is this one perfect example who went through pain, every kind of pain, just to show how deep his love is and I am sure everyone knows him—Jesus Christ.

He was crucified. Could anyone aside from Jesus get through this pain?

Can anyone ever endure this physical and emotional agony? No one!

His love for us made him a very pitiful person who had Himself persecuted and killed.

He was scared of the burden yet he accepted the torment because of his true love for us.

Pain is not actually a bad thing. It teaches us the true essence and reality of falling in love, doesn’t it? It tells our hearts, “Oops! Stop! Beware of me.”

It reminds us about the limit me should abide in to avoid pain although we can’t. It is a requirement for us to tell ourselves “Finally, I’m sure I am alive.”

All of us are subject to love so beware, every one of us is also subject to pain.

Pain absolutely manifests love. Pain really is a nature of love.

Every one of us is capable of loving, now we are also prone to falling into pain.

If we are in pain, then we are in love.

By Maria Lyca Guillermo


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