Pangasinan clobbers PMA Corps Squad

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan – Pangasinan trounced the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Corps Squad in a friendly match held recently at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRSCC) Gymnasium.

Soon as the first quarter started, Pangasinan young cagers Roxar Melendez and Marven Jophet Mamaril displayed their dazzling three-point shots which contributed to the advantage of their team with seven minutes left in the first quarter.

Harmonizing their pace and play, PMA cagers stepped up and toughened their offense but had a hard time to trim the lead of the Pangasinan cagers.

The first canto favored Pangasinan Dream Team with a 23-point advantage against their nemesis, 36-13.

Rallying his team, Pangasinan cager Reynald Ballesteros dominated the first minutes of the second quarter that padded the lead against PMA team, 54-24.

Pangasinan team’s momentum never faltered with cagers Aljick Aquino, Rolly Bravo and Robert Viray driving the ball to the hoops. Through sticky defense and supreme basketball skills, Pangasinan nailed the second quarter with rock-solid 24-point advantage, 64-36.

But, the cadets did not give in and bounced back from drought to narrow the lead in the early part of the third quarter, 66-43. Cadets stunned the spectators with consecutive three-point shots until the five minutes of the third quarter.

Shooting spree from both squads enthralled live spectators as PMA cadets showed not only grit and strength, but also, discipline to outshine their competitors in basketball court.

While the PMA cadets displayed their tenacity to win against a superior foe, the third quarter still favored the Pangasinan team, 96-71.

Pangasinan players were unstoppable in the last quarter to surge further ahead against PMA cadets leaving the latter stuck to 33 points margin with five minutes left on the fourth quarter, 114-81.

Inspired by their unbroken momentum all throughout the game, Pangasinan team successfully notched their victory against their nemesis with an impressive 34-point advantage, 122-88.

The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Corps Squad was led by Col. Ryan Celino and their coach Mark Mislang.

By: Shiella Mae C. De Guzman


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