Paracelis Mayor hurt in stabbing incident

Santiaigo City, Isabela – Paraceils Mayor Avelino Amangayen was injured after he allegedly stabbed by still unidentified knife wielding individuals while resting inside his vehicle that was parked within the vicinity of a government bank, here, October 10 in the afternoon.

Amangyen, together with two companions, allegedly entered the bank to have some checks encashed but the municipal mayor allegedly asked permission from his companions to go out of the bank and take a rest in his vehicle after encashing his checks.

While he was resting inside his car, still unidentified individuals allegedly approached his vehicle to open the door and allegedly stabbed the local chief executive on different parts of his body before fleeing towards an unknown direction.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital by concerned citizens and his companions fort medical treatment while responding police operatives are still conducting a manhunt operation against the suspect to ascertain the motive of the said incident

Probers are zeroing in on possible angles in the case such as robbery-hold-up, personal and political grudge and work related



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