PMA topnotcher delivers emotional remarks

BAGUIO CITY – ALAB-TALA class topnotcher , 2nd Lieutentant Jaywardene Hontoria gives an emotional speech during his valedictory address.

He started off by saying that he was just a young farm boy, dreaming to be an expert in farming. However one day, while resting, he asked his father to teach him how to plow the fields, his father replied, “It is lighter to hold a pen than to hold a plow”

Hontario is registered nurse back in his hometown. After being a nurse, he felt that something is still missing from his life, that’s when he decided to take the entrance exam for the academy. His decision was first opposed by his parents and relatives but ended up accepting his decision.

He also said that life in the academy was hard. Their endurance in physical, psychological and mental aspects were tested but these became their training for them to endure the life their careers will bring.

Hontoria thanked a lot of people who helped him reach his current position. One of them is his college sweetheart who stood by him throughout the four long years in the academy. He received cheers when he announced that he will marrying her at the end of the ceremonies.

“It was indeed a long and challenging journey, we have made many sacrifices for us to reach this point but things are about to start as the whole Philippine nation awaits our selfless service. The 282 strong members of the ALAB-TALA class of 2018, we can now altogether say to the more challenge that await us, Bring it on”, said Hontoria.

By Alyssa Dawn Alalag


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