PNG: Baguio Judokas Medal Quest up by 9

CEBU CITY – The quest is on for Baguio City Judokas as they clear the mats with a nine medal haul on the second day of painstaking judo competition at the Philippine National Games, Judo arena. In an earlier report of Baguio City Coach Ferdinand Cudao, the second day action May 22, 2018 gave Baguio City a nine medal haul for the seven weight category Seniors Division, for Men and Women.

Baguio City second day medallists were: WOMENS CATEGORY: -44Kgs.- Mylene Pinkihan, Bronze medal, -48Kgs. – Jazlyn Awitan, Gold medal, while team mate Andrea De Leon settled for the Bronze medal, -52Kgs. – Helen Dawa, Gold medal, -63Kgs. – Charmea Quelino, Gold Medal and team mate Aithana Caranto settled for the Bronze medal.

Hauling three medals also are the MENS Categoy competitors for -55Kgs. – Rainer Zaparita, Bronze medal, -60Kgs. – Fred Aclopen, Bronze medal, and -81Kgs. Trance Cudao, who rested for the Silver medal.

According to Cudao, chances for the Judo Team of hauling more medals for the City is positively seen by the players as they still have to fight for the heavier weight categories, also our players will yet see action in the Juniors Division and the Team competitions.

He added that as of May 23, 2018, Baguio City is in the top two positions in the overall medal standings with 59 medals, 17 Gold, 24 Silver and 18 Bronze medals and has yet to haul more medals to chase Cebu City’s 75 medal haul, of 20 Gold, 27 Silver and 28 Bronze medals to be in top position.



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