Preservation of nature, more participation called for, in BFF 2017

BAGUIO CITY – Congressman Marquez Go urged the preservation of nature for future generations, through tree-planting, in his speech during the Panagbenga 2017 launch last Monday.

Offices are also encouraged to be brightened with live flowers with “blooms, colorbursts and fragrances, as rewards,” Go said in his message delivered through Atty. John Ray Libiran.

In the same note, the congressman thanked the organizers and working personnel behind the scenes. He likened seeds as foundation towards the “realization of hopes and aspirations for our beloved city,” as he also learns the ropes in his political career.

“Let us reclaim Baguio’s old glory as the greenest city in the country,” Go said.

For his message, Mayor Mauricio Domogan called for teamwork, cooperation, unity and expressed gratitude to all sectors involved in the preparations for the 22nd staging of Panagbenga.  Flowers express a variety of emotions, thus a bouquet would be solidarity with positivity radiating from within.

In another forum following the launching, the mayor said that P4M was allotted by the city, with hopes that Congressman Go could contribute more from his tourism budget. “It would be a great help to the success of the festival,” the mayor said.

As the streetdancing college category is open this year, with invitations for participants from Baguio’s academic community, additional prizes would be needed.

The float category would also need funds, understandably because of floral costs and materials, Mayor Domogan added. Though the unity shown, enjoyment of the blooms and activities outweigh the amount of prizes, the additional funds could be used. Panagbenga is recognized as “one of the country’s biggest, most attended and highly publicized, and most disciplined” festival as compared to other festivals; such as the ati-atihan and sinulog, even with a smaller budget.

In the same forum, Panagbenga Board of Trustees and Architect Joseph Alabanza gave his six-point message for Panagbenga 2017;

  •         mother nature needs to be preserved for future generations;
  •         there is a need for the invaluable skills and talents of about 70,000 Baguio students’ for Panagbenga and other endeavors;
  •         cultural presentations during all celebrations, including Panagbenga should be authentic, no ‘bastardization;’
  •         an ordinance must be crafted for residents to plant trees/flowers in their backyards;
  •         senior citizens should be allowed to share their wisdom to the younger generation.
  •         Lastly, Alabanza said, responsible citizens should look beyond Panagbenga

The theme for the Baguio Flower Festival 2017 is “Inspired by Beauty, Nurtured by Nature.” – By Julie Fianza