Prostate cancer on the rise in PHL


BAGUIO CITY  – A local group advocating for cancer awareness disclosed that men affected with prostate cancer is on the rise in the country, thus, the need for public awareness to ensure that individuals with the life-threatening ailment are provided the appropriate medical procedures for them to be cured and live a normal life.

Marivic Bugasto, a cancer awareness advocate and an official of the I Can Serve Foundation, revealed there are 8 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the country daily which places the illness as one of the causes of morbidity among men.

Previously, she claimed that previously, 6 out of 10 men have prostate cancer but the figures have drastically changed through the years which is now  alarming.

“We can attribute the significant increase in men having contracted prostate cancer to the awareness of people on the ailment and we have reached a stage where cases of prostate cancer is now alarming not only in the city but also in other parts of the country,” Bugasto stressed.

She averred prostate cancer is often detected among men over 40 years old but it has been discovered by experts from the Philippine College of Surgeons and Philippine Cancer Society that prostate cancer is even present among a good number of men below 40 years old.

The I Can Serve foundation in coordination with the John Hay Management corporation (JHMC) and the John Hay Business Club (JHBC) will be spearheading a breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness forum followed by a free screening by breast cancer and prostate cancer experts on October 19, 2018 at the Ayala Techno Hub as part of the activities lined up for the celebration of the 115th founding anniversary of Camp John Hay (CJH).

Bugasto urged the active participation of the public to the forum and the screening because early detection of breast and prostate cancer is important to make sure that appropriate medical procedures and medication are applied for those afflicted with the ailments to be cured and continue living a normal life with their family members and relatives.

According to her, the I Can Serve foundation is active in empowering people to be aware of the status of their health through numerous activities that result to the early detection of cancer and the provision of eventual medication for them to survive a challenging chapter of their lives and ultimately give them a positive outlook of their experience.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer experts from Metro Manila will be in the city on the said date to conduct the forum and the free screening for the early detection of breast or prostate cancer among the attendees.

By Dexter A. See


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