Public can apply for PSA documents from Bontoc Civil Registrar Office

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Application to secure copies of Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Non- Marriage and Death Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Baguio City can be done at the Municipal Civil Registry Office (MCRO).

Aimed at bringing services closer to the people, the Bontoc Local Government Unit (LGU) through its MCRO has long been including these in their services, but not everyone knows about it.

According to Municipal Civil Registrar Valentina C. Domaoa, this is for the comfort and convenience of the clients as it will save the latter from cost of travel and other related expenses in going to PSA- Baguio City.

Domaoa said that their office does not only cater to the residents of Bontoc, but to everyone.

She explained that one copy of Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificate and/or Death Certificate costs P155.00 each per document while Certificate of Non-Marriage costs P210.00 per copy. Aside from this, an amount of P150.00 processing fee or Batch Request System Fee shall be paid by the client per document that she/he applies for. The processing fee is to be paid at the Municipal Treasury Office.

“Those who will apply for this week, may claim or get copies of PSA Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Non- Marriage and Death Certificate the following week,” Domaoa assured.

She further clarified that instances when the application to secure copies of PSA document is delayed is when the PSA has to do Manual Verification, when the system of the PSA has bagged down, when the internet signal connection is very slow, and when there is power interruption.

However, she mentioned that rarely does their office problems on the processing of application of clients to secure PSA documents.

Domaoa also appealed to all the barangay officials present during the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) on May 23, 2018 to help disseminate the information in their respective barangays.

The MCRO is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.

By Alpine L. Killa


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