Public warned on eye case seekers

BAGUIO CITY  – The Department of Ophthalmology of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) warned the public against eye case seekers that could eventually result to the loss of eyesight by people who are eager to avail of the free service provided them by the said case seekers.

Dr. Lorenzo R. Fernandez, visiting consultant of the BGHMC Department of Ophthalmology, said it is not true that the eye case seekers who had been recruiting eye surgery patients from the city and other parts of the Cordillera for operation in the lowlands is not to be believed as there are hidden information that are not divulged to the said patients.

The BGHMC consultant claimed that while the procedures provided to the eye surgery patients are free, those who have conducted the procedures reportedly collect their fees with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation thereby making their practice a lucrative one at the expense of the contribution of the patients.

“We learned about a hired vehicle ferrying prospective eye surgery patients from the city to a hospital in Pampanga and Bulacan for free surgery which were successfully done but without them knowing that those who undertook the procedure already worked out the collection of their fees from the PhilHealth,” Fernandez stressed.

He pointed out the problem with the case seekers is the alleged lack of post-operation treatment in case there will be complications.

According to him, the common cause of blindness among the populace is still cataract while blindness due to diabetes is rapidly increasing thus the need for people to be conscious of their health to prevent them from contracting diabetes that can compromise their sight.

The BGHMC consultant advised the public to seek the proper medical treatment from the nearest medical health facility for them to be provided with the appropriate medication to prevent their eyesight from being compromised due to wrong diagnosis from case seekers in the city.

Fernandez explained that there is a need for eye patients to be provided with the utmost care by experts in the field of ophthalmology to allow them to sustain their eyesight.

He advised eye patients to seek the medical opinion and diagnosis of licensed ophthalmologists instead of relying on the false pretences of eye case seekers who promise them free surgery but without post-surgery care.

He assured that personnel of the BGHMC Department of Ophthalmology are always willing to provide the needed medical advice and diagnosis for eye problems.



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