Reflection to the “Youth, Bringing Gospel to All“ message of Pope Francis

Dear Pope,

We are glad that you include us, the youth, in this year’s World Mission Day in bringing the Gospel to all people. You had emphasized that young men and women who want to follow Christ need “to seek, to discover, and to preserve’ in their God-give vocations which lead to joy the primary challenge among us is about identifying the mission; that is the reason for our life on this earth.

As Christians, by Baptism, we had received the mission to bring the Gospel to everyone. When we discover our mission or purpose, we transform into the best versions of ourselves and we desire and pursue a more excellent life. This pushes us and motivates the youth to become more mature in terms of spiritual aspect, they realized the importance of becoming more learned and they are more passionate and more enthusiastic about who they are and where they are going to life. From your message, we begin to understand that our lives have meaning and that we do not exist merely to consume oxygen. We believe that it is especially important for young people to begin living life on purpose.

Many young people love to participate in various activities knowing that they want to be involved, not least because they want to relax, meet new friends and have fun. We believed that we are capable of making such efforts, and in fact would enjoy doing so if given the chance. There are many ecclesial groups where we can join to fully discover our mission such as parishes and religious communities which also promotes human dignity and witnessing to the joy of love and of being Christian.

Knowing the mission, the mission is the solution to many of the youth-related challenges that we face today. The future of the society resets in the hands of the young. When young people begin living purposefully, big change happens. We are encouraged to put our attention in useful things and ultimately become more as person.

However, some problems may encounter by some of the young people. Accomplishing this mission requires personal desire and commitment to take the actions needed to do so. Some may have struggle because they might feel their lives are full of obligatory actions that have no personal meaning. Others might have trouble developing an action plan they commit to.

We thought on some ways on how to share the gospel. These are through taking someone to go to church, inviting, neighbors to have a Bible study, initiating a conversation with the people round, learning to ask, admire and admit, inviting someone to a movie with spiritual themes then go out afterward and talked about it. Through social media, Christians can share the goal by creating groups which people can follow and read the word of God or simply through their status updates. The other is by creating blogs. People can sign in to the sites, read the posts, and give their opinions about them or make contributions. As believers, we need to be equipped with all manner of tools to convey they gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth in God’s word to people.

To live out joyfully our responsibility for the world is indeed a great challenge. We recognize that the occasion will help us become missionary disciples and ever more passionately devoted to Jesus and his mission, to the ends of the earth. We thank you for allowing us to be part of this mission. We are the youth, a young which needs to be cultivated, motivated, shaped, and sharpened to become effective in every sphere of society with the help of our Almighty God.

Charles Aeron Sison, Aubrey Sophia Abalos, and Dorothy Jane Agbunag


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