Register of Deeds increased collections

BAGUIO CITY – The city’s register of deeds office has  collected and deposited P69,955,633.18 to the National Treasury in 2017 or a 20.26 percent increase as compared to P58,167,839.73 in 2016.

In Monday’s flag-raising rites at City Hall, OIC – deputy register of deeds Filemon Marcelino, Jr. said the increase in collection of fees is due to the rise in the number of transactions registered last year and his office’s efforts in maximizing fee collection.

He said registration fees were collected from transfer of realty including sales, donations, extra judicial settlements, court orders and other modes of transferring ownership.  Also included are annotations and release of real estate mortgages, chattel mortgages and their release, and other instruments subject to annotations.

Marcelino said the register of deeds has issued 9,748 certified true copies of titles, documents and other instruments in 2017 including 746 certificate of titles pursuant to the subdivision of lots and 1,176 condominium certificate of titles.

A total of 2,453 transfer certificate of titles were issued in 2017 as compared to 2,122 in 2016 while 173 original certificate of titles were issued last year as compared to 228 in 2016.  There were also 2,889 chattel mortgage transactions in 2017.

He said the judicial forms being used by the register of deeds are all accountable forms printed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and contains all the security features such as water marks and fibers or the same features found in paper money.

“The register of deeds is deeply committed to help the city government in the collection of real estate and transfer taxes.  We assure the public that the office shall exert all efforts to safeguard the integrity of land titles issued under the Torrens System  in harmony with the Land Registration Authority’s computerized system and commit to deliver fast and efficient service to all,” Marcelino stressed.

By: Gaby Keith


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