Sabangan arson victim still seeking for justice

SABANGAN, Mountain Province  – The owner of a 2-storey residential house ago continues to cry for justice for the arrest of the culprits who burned his house a year ago..

Richard Budod, the owner of the residential house at Libo, Napua, here, which was torched to ashes at around 1:30 am of November 28, 2017, continues to seek for justice as a year has passed but no one was arrested for this crime.

“My family hopes that the mastermind and the people responsible for the burning of my house will be conscientious enough to admit their guilt and face the consequences of their actions because we greatly suffered  due to the loss of our house,” Budod stressed.

He expressed his family’s gratitude to all those who extended assistance to his family when they were rendered homeless after their house which has an area of over 200 square meters was burned.

Among the barangays in the locality that Budod wishes to thank for their sincere contributions to his family include Bao-angan, Bun-ayan, Busa, Camatagan, Capinitan, Data, Gayang, Lagan, Namatek, Napua, Pingad, Poblacion, and Supang.

Budod also extended his special thanks to the Banggalat-Guilipan-Mayan-Budod-Cimpalas (BGMBC) clan Baguio-Benguet chapter, the BGMBC clan Sabangan chapter and more importantly to capatas Roldan Colas, Lagan punong barangay Jonie Omero, Alberto Yamoyam and Narding Mangayat who had been assisting him and the members of his family after the arson incident.

The property owner claimed that he suspects the culprits know what they have done to him and he hopes their conscience will prevail over their evil desire so that they will be forced to admit their fault and face the consequences of their actions against him.

According to him, the probable suspect were the ones whom he complained of having allegedly committed illegal logging activities in their place although they were subsequently issued permits by the barangay instead of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) having issued the required cutting permit and some barangay officials whom he allegedly charged for their violations of existing laws, rules and regulations.

Budod said he has not rebuilt his house as he hopes the culprits will eventually yield and identify the mastermind so that they will all be made answerable for the damages that they had inflicted to him for depriving him his residential house that was built purposely for the members of his family.

He expressed disappointment because of the alleged failure of witnesses to the arson to extend their assistance to investigators from law enforcement agencies who went to the area to investigate the case because they seem to be in cahoots with the mastermind that is why they refuse to cooperate.

Budod remains optimistic that the arson incident that happened to his house will not reach its second anniversary before it will be considered as case closed because the culprits and the mastermind might have changed their mind and decided to yield anytime from now.



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