Spears Upsets BGH-EMPC , Eyes Position In Y’Cup Semis

BAGUIO CITY – Spears made a big upset in Monday’s game, winning over bracket “A” leader BGH-EMPC the hard way, 101 – 99, for a possible semifinals berth.

A close clash ensued in the first canto of play with both opponents showing tenacity in their offensive and defensive strategies. Following a 25-26 deficit after the first canto, Spears got the upper hand through a continuing see-saw battle through the second canto of play. However, a wall like defense and steady shooting of Vonn Padilla in the three point area, alight the BGH ballclub to retake the lead by a point at the end of the half time buzzer, 52-51.

Third canto action saw BGH-EMPC hitting their mark from the three point area that catapulted them to have a head start in pilling up points. A 22-18 run, including one to beat to beat the third quarter buzzer gave BGH-EMPC a five point lead, 74-69.

While maintaining their lead was hard for BGH-EMPC, chipping it off was a harder task for Spears.

Spears, however, opted to use the paint coupled with perimeter shots that found their mark worked for the team. Riding the strategy, they equalized the score in the last minute of the fourth canto, 92-all.

A rattled BGH was forced to attempt a three pointer which they missed and resulted to a loose ball foul, sending Spear Marlon Tabdi to the fifteen foot line with just a couple of seconds left. Tabdi made bot shots to equalize the score, 99-all.

Seemingly to having a game extension however, another loose ball foul was given up by BGH-EMPC, sending Spears’ Brando Tatala on the line.

Tatala made both to give Spears a two point lead 101-99, and the eventual win in the game that saw BGH-EMPC hit with a couple of technical fouls and a thrown out player which may ultimately the cause of their loss.



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