Studying while Earning

Nowadays, students are becoming lazy going to school because of the different temptations surrounding them but how about the students who are willing to go to school but their parents/guardians cannot support them well?

There’s a lot of opportunity to take risk if you are sincere in finishing your studies. You can avail university scholarships, you can have part time jobs, and if you’re one of the lucky ones you can avail academic scholarship that can help you lessen your school fees.

Studying while working is not easy, we need to manage our time properly so that we can be able to do things in order.

As a student earning while working here’s one of our part time opportunities wherein we are in line with food service industry, we serve people, we do set ups (ingress) and set down (egress), and we also usher in different events in the city with that we earn little by little but still we can be able to pay for our schools fees, we can be able to buy the things we need with our own money.

But always put in mind that it’s not about the money you earn but it’s about the experience that build you from who you are now.

By Krystle Cuanso and Ysrael Bisquera


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