Successful Oplan Undas operation lauded

BAGUIO CITY  – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan commended all sectors of the city that were responsible in the successful Oplan Undas in the city during the commemoration of All Saints and All Souls Day last November 1 and 2, respectively.

The local chief executive claimed that the zero crime during the celebration of All Saint’s Day is a living testament that residents and visitors alike have become vigilant in ensuring the protection of life and property whenever they are out of their homes and when visiting their departed love ones in the different public and private cemeteries around the city.

While the number of people who visited the different burial grounds in the city declined due to the effects of the onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Rosita, he claimed that there was order in the flow of traffic and the maintenance of peace and order in the public and private cemeteries around the city.

“We are satisfied over the preparations done by our law enforcers and our volunteers in ensuring the orderly flow of traffic inside and outside the different cemeteries. We also congratulate our volunteers who spent their precious time assisting our law enforcers in maintaining law and order round the city instead of being with their families in visiting their departed love ones buried in the different burial grounds in the city,” Domogan stressed.

Last year, there were over 40,000 people that visited the different public and private cemeteries located in the different parts of the city during the celebration of All Saint’s Day but for this year, there were only a total of over 33,000 who spent time visiting their love ones in all the eight cemeteries around the city during the said celebration.

He pointed out that words are not enough to express the gratitude of the local government to the people who sacrificed their time, effort and resources just to ensure the successful implementation of the activities prepared by the concerned offices for Oplan Undas.

According to him, the partnership between the local government and the private sector as well as the volunteers should be enhanced in the future staging of major activities in the city so that law and order could be achieved thereby ensuring the safety of the residents and visitors alike.

Domogan lauded the personnel of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) who were able to maintain the needed police visibility in the different cemeteries round the city that contributed in deterring the occurrence of untoward incidents that could have compromised the safety of life and limb.

By Dexter A. See

Banner photo: All Saints’ Day at Baguio cemetery – Some residents prefer to visit the place to offer flowers and candles to honor their deceased relatives, November 1, 2018. JOSEPH B. MANZANO, 11/04/18



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