SWAT assigned to PNP in Tabuk City

TABUK CITY  – To handle violent confrontation with criminals responsible in hostage and hold-up situations, 16 members of the Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) have been assigned at the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Tabuk City, September 28.

Presented during the October 2 flag raising ceremony at the City Hall, the team will be an additional force for the local police unit in crime response and solution.

Police Inspector Renato Miguel, in an interview, said the team is the elite force of PNP Tabuk whose skills will be utilized to curb the criminality in the city.

‘’Even before the coming of SWAT to our station, crime response was already fine but this time, we are anticipating that all crimes reported will be solved to improve over-all response,’’ the police officer said.

Miguel also clarified that the team will still function even without hostage and hold-up situation since they can also investigate cases, file cases in court and respond to other types of crimes arising within the city.

‘’Since police operation is 24/7, we insure that there are SWAT members on duty,’’ Miguel emphasized.

As to the major qualifications for the training course, Miguel said that cops must have undergone basic police course and must be physically fit after a series of screenings and careful evaluation.

Miguel said that the Chief of Police will select who among the members will lead the team.

As to equipment to be used by the SWAT members, Miguel said that vests were already given by the city government while the firearms are still to be purchased. He also said that the LGU shouldered the meals and snacks of the 47 trainees and 12 trainors.

The Kalinga Police Provincial Office (KPPO), on the other hand, provided the fee for the SWAT trainors, Miguel informed.

The rigid training course was held from July 6 to September 28 at the KPPO. Subjects covered were handling of weapons and firearms and tactics used in crime response were introduced based on theoretical and practical application.

Miguel said that, along with the coming of SWAT, the station will also strengthen its Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS). This means that policemen will continue to be scattered in major streets to look after the security of the public and to respond timely to crimes that may occur.

By Darwin S. Serion


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