Teacher’s month celebration

None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody – a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns – bent down and helped us pick up our boots.” – Thurgood Marshall

There is no contesting that one of the most important people that contribute to the moulding of one’s being is a teacher.A teacher is a person who helps one in acquiring knowledge, competency and values. We find them every day in all walks of life: from our parents, to our friends, colleagues, loved ones and even random people we meet on the street or by a brief encounter. But there are some who takes this role as a life-long profession with passion. And this month, we celebrate their existence in recognition of their efforts, dedications, and hard work.

A teacher’s role often is not limited to the four walls of classroom and doesn’t stop with imparting academic curriculum. The great ones, the best ones, leave marks that stay beyond the learning period. Teachers have a very vital role in one’s being for they work hand in hand with the children’s parents in the development of their foundation that shapes their being. Teachers don’t only teach, their influence could be of great role in helping a student believe in themselves by proper discipline and reinforcements.

When I was in first grade, I could recount an instance where I was constantly praised by my teacher in the product of my work. That small act of appreciation and words of affirmation from a figure of authority is a very big deal then and has stuck with me up until now because it gave me a small sense of pride and reinforcement to do even better. I believed in myself because my teacher first believed in me. And having the ability to and actually making someone believe in themselves is one of the kindest and noblest thing one can do to another. It’s in those simplest ways of building and encouraging that changes people for the better. And who does that best if not our teachers. The ones we consider as our mentors, counselors, and sometimes we even get to call them our second parents.

If not for them there won’t be any doctors, lawyers, policemen, president of the nation, and teachers alike. They teach, they guide, they inspire. They serve as examples and give some examples to equip us for the real world because we can’t make all experiences our own. It is already given that we are bound to make and we could really learn from our mistakes, but their heads up could prevent us from committing unnecessary ones. Their responsibility in cultivating the youth to their fullest potential is not an easy one.

So here’s to our teachers, whose work doesn’t stop when the bell rings. For working even after dinner to prepare the lessons that will be taught the next day. For fulfilling the role of not only a teacher, but also as guardians and friends. For the patience to teach and ways of understanding that every student is unique. For not molding us to the lessons, but molding the lessons to the learning style of each one of us. For their innovations in making learning fun and interesting. For sharing not only the knowledge from books, but also wisdom that is applicable to life and instilling those with us up until the parting of our ways. For the times they believed and pushed each and every one of us to become better version of ourselves. For treating us with respect even with being inferior, knowledge wise, than they are. For the constant reminder that education is not merely the acquisition of knowledge but more of character formation.

For you who we also consider as heroes, we take this moment to express our gratitude for your contributions in becoming who we are as a person today. To remind you that every deed does not go unnoticed and all your efforts are never in vain.

By Celiamar Duhalngon Lavarias


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