Team Lakay eyes 3 Int’l awards

Fighters from Team Lakay eyes three international awards after making it to the list of nominees for the 2018 Asia Mixed Martial Arts Awards which will take place on September 14 at the PMQ Ballroom in Hongkong.

Nominated in this year’s awards and currently leading the poll for the category “Best Walkout of the Year” is the remarkable walkout entrance of Kevin Belingon wherein he was joined by Ikiangan performers in their indigenous attires in gracing their way towards the cage before dominating his opponent Andrew Leone last April 20.

The Kevin Belingon’s “Ifugao Tribe” walkout earned the admiration of many as this has highlighted how the native Ifugao fighter is proud of his roots.

Also nominated for the 2018 MMA Awards is Baguio pride’s Team Lakay, and is currently leading over its co-nominees Tiger Muay Thai & MMA of Thailand and Evolve MMA of Singapore in the “Gym of the Year” category.

Meanwhile, Mark “The Machine” Sangiao, the head coach of Team Lakay, is nominated for the “Head Coach of the Year” award and currently leading the poll with a great margin, while Thailand’s George Hickman places second.

In an interview with Herald Express, Team Lakay coach Mark Sangiao stated that they are very happy to be nominated in various categories at the Asia MMA Awards and it is their hope that Philippines will get all the top-most rankings home.

“I believe that our outstanding track record carried us to these nominations we have now. These credits are   the upshots of our years of sacrifices, uphill battles and our enduring passion for MMA…. and still, we are. Our cruise continuous.” he added.

The shortlists of nominees were consulted with industry specialists and journalists whose judgments were based from the fighters’ notable performances on events and bouts that happened between May 31, 2017 and May 31, 2018.



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