The CORE: A Space for Connection and Innovation

It started as a small talk. One afternoon 3 friends finally met up and really happy that time was on their side so they can meet up to catch up and talk more. Their conversation moved from exchanging hellos to work issues, politics, social issues to finally, business. The 3rd friend to come announced she is finally opening her bag business with the soft opening happening the following week. As excitement stirred up the conversation, the other two inquired about the location of her bag business and the possibility to partner with her for another business.

The 2 friends shared their idea of a business and its potential in the market. The 3rd friend was convinced of the idea and signified to be a partner. So the three friends left the restaurant with some renewed hope to finally open a business that they find timely, innovative and relatively “new”. The idea was to offer a space where individuals or groups can work, discuss, plan, or collaborate.  The idea was spontaneous that the friends decided to schedule another meeting to check the location and see how they can “operationalize” their ideas. So they were three.

The three friends then met the following week with all enthusiasm to practically implement their ideas. They visited the place and they saw, it had great potential. During that visit, another friend was with the 3 friends and liked the idea though she cannot yet fully imagine how it will be. So there were four.

Before the 4 friends finally parted, another friend just dropped by and heard of the idea. With all excitement, the 5th friend agreed to be part of the business. So there were five friends.

As the idea was growing and being enriched, the 6th friend was finally reached and there were six friends.

What’s in the name? It was not easy for the group to come up with one. They listed all the possibility from what they thought was coolest to the weirdest one. Without giving up, they started running down the list again and asking themselves why and what do they really want to put in the name? Finally, they agreed to call it The CORE, Collaboration Resource. A space that people can share, enjoy and feel a sense of community.   A name that represents an alternative space for independent workers and groups of people who like to meet and fellowship, create new ideas and initiate change. The idea is to offer a space where you can have a focus for generating knowledge, learning new things and developing shared points of view.

With the pressure of everyday life and intensity of work in workplaces, people need a space to have “privacy,” not only to do heads-down work but to recharge their energy to cope with the demands of work today. These days, people are too preoccupied, too pressured to work and too distracted that they need a respite from all these distractions to refocus their energy and be productive. The CORE is a place to be when you are just tired of the monotony of configuring things alone. It is time you associate, you connect,  innovate and build ideas that can bring about positive change not only to you but to others. It is time you collaborate!

By Jo Ann L. Guillao


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