The tanofarmco experience

One of the signs of a healthy co-op is when you are met with a smiling staff that makes you feel like you’re at home. That’s what happened when I arrived at the Buguias Branch of the Taloy Norte Farmers Multi-Purpose Co-operative (TANOFARMCO) for the grand opening. I was quite early so only the branch staff were there to greet me together with a certain pastor who was also early. The moment they learned who I am, they were so eager to introduce themselves and of course, offered us coffee in that cold and rainy morning.

Seven years ago, Taloy Norte Farmers MPC was struggling to survive. Everybody probably thought that it won’t take long before it eventually folds up. But here they are, not barely getting by but proudly opening their second branch which started last year as a collection center with close to three hundred members from the locality and nearby towns. Since then, the membership has ballooned to more than 1000 members already just in that branch alone. Their first branch was opened in La Trinidad, Benguet three years ago.

Refusing to give up, they got by with a big help from their friends namely, DAR, NATCCO, etc. They were able to resuscitate the co-op by infusing some resources in the co-op’s lifeblood. Now, TANOFARMCO has transformed from a sickly co-op to a large vibrant co-op with already more than 100million pesos in its assets. Just imagine what hard work, proper fiscal management, honesty and transparency can do in seven years. It is ‘almost’ a miracle.

This success is not only about a well-trained and capable manager in Ms. Deborah Palgue and her management staff. It is also about friendly and excited faces that members meet every day at the office. Smiles will always relax the atmosphere and just one pleasant smile will attract everything positive such as satisfied members, increased membership, and productive employees.

More importantly, the management attributes all their success to the Almighty God. The pastor who gave a short message mentioned about having God as our business partner. With God as our partner, he preached, there are less chances that we will go wrong. When it was my turn to speak I supplemented the pastors message by adding that God is a progressive God. He blesses everything He is involved with.

The message of the guest speaker from NATCCO emphasized education and training which is critical in changing the mindset of employees, the Manager and the Board. And she is confident that the TANOFARMCO officers and staff can deliver quality and excellent service because they were immersed with a series of trainings. Every training we get, if I may add, will definitely go a long way in our service to fellow men.