The Three Kings

Last year, at about the same time, I wrote about the three kings or more appropriately, the wise men. Out of their story, I found at least seven principles that we can apply in our personal lives and even in our businesses – co-ops or otherwise. In that story we can learn:

1. The Importance or the Power of Agreement. What can you accomplish when the members of a group do not agree on any project they want to pursue? These wise men, unanimously agreed and quickly decided to go to Bethlehem. Sometimes, unnecessary oppositions to a project only hamper, delay or even quash its accomplishment.

2. The Unity of Purpose. The wise men have only one goal in mind. Every member of an organization has to support their vision. If they all have different purposes in joining the organization, there will be bickering, backstabbing and betrayal will eventually ensue which can damage established harmonious relationships among members of the group.

3. The Necessity of Planning. The wise men followed a plan and perhaps discussed the details on how to get to Bethlehem. They prepared for the journey with an itinerary. They could also have possibly talked about what gifts to bring. Contemporary wise men would say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That is how important planning is in every organization. Without it, we will just be drifting in the sea of nowhere.

4. The Heart of Servanthood or Volunteerism. The wise men gave their time, their resources and volunteered their skills in astronomy without expecting something in return. This is true to the co-op as well. If you are always thinking of that which you will get instead of what you can do to make the organization better, the co-op will be doomed. Selfish interests always destroy the noble purposes of the group.

5. The Rewards of Perseverance. The destination was in another country. The journey was long but the wise men pressed on anyway until they found the location of the heavenly baby. Set backs are expected in the journey of life, failures happen. But perseverance spells the difference between success and failure. We have known people who failed, rose from the ashes like the phoenix and became better than before because they did not give up.

6. The Advantages of Asking for Directions. No one has a monopoly of knowledge, they say. Experience will always be a great teacher. The wise men, even though they possess extensive knowledge about everything, asked for guidance from people who knew the trails, the topography and other information that will lead them to the savior. They relied not on their wisdom but on a guiding star.

7. The Ability to Remain Humble. As I said, these men are wise, they are learned men but they were humble enough rely on other people to assist them in their journey. If indeed they are kings, they could be the humblest kings in history because they still recognize and bowed to another king whom they believe is better than them. Remaining anonymous, they did not announce to the world that they are the chosen few who found the Messiah.


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