Time-Out Bags Piraso Crown

BAGUIO CITY – Time-out nipped Insuns, 83-77, on December 17, 2017 to bag its first Piraso Championship as the 2nd Piraso Basketball tournament concluded at the Piraso Resort basketball court, North Sanitary Camp, here.

The basketball tilt that started last November 26 had eight teams in participation with two brackets going through a single round eliminations with the top four teams moving up for the crossover semifinals.

Aside for Time-out and Insuns, the other participating teams included Piraso, Peoples, Oracles, Yael, Alejo and NSD.

The tournament culminated with the teams’ Christmas party, where the winners were given trophies and cash as prizes.

Invitation is now extended to all teams wanting to participate in the tournament next year.

According to Benjun Pua proprietor of PIRASO Resort who sponsored the event, the basketball tilt is purposely for the youth in the community to make use of their leisure time in a productive way enhancing their talents and skills in basketball.

He also said the resort is providing other sports activities within resort’s premises aside from basketball. The resort facilities, according to Pua, caters as a venue where the youth in the community can hone their skills in billards and swimming.

He noted further that the resort can be suitable as well for family gatherings. The resort offers amenities like transient rooms, and picnic cottages for out of town visitors.



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