What I Learned About Christmas

I know people are talking about the New Year already. Before the year ends and before the new year starts let me share to you some of my thoughts about Christmas. It is just that there are issues that arise every time we reach this time of the year. Maybe, they are just my issues and it’s not a big deal to others but I might be relieved if I let it out of my system. It is still December in my calendar if I’m not mistaken.

Somehow, debates have been going on about the actual birth of Jesus Christ. Arguments have been raised and evidence are pointed out that the actual birth is not December 25. But as I reflected on what really is Christmas, I was led to a conclusion that the date is not important. If that was so significant then it should have been mentioned in the Bible. What is important though, is that the Savior has come. Christmas is about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to save mankind.  All along, Christmas is about salvation. It is about John 3:16 ladies and gentlemen.

As per my readings, Christmas is a shortened word from an older term, “Christ’s mass”. The word mass of course is the celebration of the Eucharist or missa in Latin. Others even shortened it to become X’mas. X is supposedly derived from the initial letter chi (x) in Greek of the name Khristos. But to me, X is not the exact shortcut of Christ and not even a symbol of Christ. X could mean, the unknown. Definitely, Christ is not an unknown. So I do not use this particular term.

Then there was Santa Claus that children all love and wait for on this annual festivity. He is a wonderful character but he seems to be getting more attention than the birthday celebrant. And speaking of the celebration of the birthday of Christ, most of the time Jesus Christ is not invited in the birthday party.

Going back to John 3:16, we all (well, most of us) memorize that verse, “For God so LOVED the world…” So if Christmas is about John 3:16, then Christmas is about love. It’s a season of loving. Through Christ, God wants us to love one another. Part of loving one another is to forgive the faults and shortcomings of others.

Look at the second phrase of John 3:16, “…that He GAVE his only begotten son…” Christmas is about giving. Most of the time we are concerned on what we can get rather than on what we can give. Man’s principle is to get as many gifts as possible. The principle of God is that the more we give, the more we receive. The Bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

But It is also this time of the year that people go around people’s houses singing Christmas carols for a variety of reasons. Some people treat it as a form of merriment which is part of the celebration of the season. There are others who take advantage of Christmas carols to beg. I mean, look at them. They are not actually in the celebration mood. They go to as many people or houses as they can in order to get more.

You see, when the Wise Men (not 3 kings) went to visit Jesus Christ, they brought and presented gifts. They are the first carolers and they are the ones who gave. So remember this when you go around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols, be the one to bring gifts to those whom you are serenading.

And lastly, we said that the actual date of the birth was not established. There were prophecies and signs of the times that indicate his birth but not the day or the hour. Jesus Christ will be coming again with the exact conditions and circumstances. Again, the date is not important. What is important to know at this time is that he is coming again.


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