YMCA academic olympic winners named


BAGUIO CITY – After two days of mind-bending and talent sharing competition in the annual selection of participants to the YMCA Regional Academic Olympics last October 21-22, 2017 attended by some 450 students from the different college and universities, public and private junior and senior high schools and elementary schools, awarded winners in the tri-level competition are as follows:

Elementary Level: Quiz Bee Team – 1st Place -Nathan Zander Chaves, Stephen Saguibal, Lara Faye Canuto (UCCP La Trinidad Integrated School), 2nd Place – Jun Miguel Toyaoan, Meshan Masweng, Althea Jade Bongsalo (UCCPLTIS), 3rd Place – Kristen Gale Lamong, James Tanas, Hilterbrand Banias (Holy Chapel Educational Center). Bible Quiz Team – 1st Place – Timmy John M. Crosby, Josh Darius A. Martin, Ruq Ezer B. Behis (Baguio Pines Family Learning Center), 2nd Place – Jared Jairus A. Licdan, Alcina Dominique V. Flores, Nathaniel Desierto (BPFLC).

Draw & Tell: 1st Place – Jasmine Sophia Romualdo (Quezon Elementary School), 2nd Place – Jamaica S. Collado (BPFLC), 3rd Place – Javrielle Ferrise L. Omana (Baguio Multicultural Institute). Tula: 1st Place – Francine Marie Janah B. Amado (BPFLC), 2nd Place – Jyrha Ruth G. Dawan (MLQES), 3rd Place – Kurt Vincent L. Tamayo (BPFLC). Essay Writing (English): 1st Place – Jilbert Jhon A. Tom (BPFLC), 2nd Place – Crisshia Neirikh L. Pre (BMI), 3rd Place – Sophia Leigh L. Nimo (PHASES Learning Center). Vocal Solo: 1st Place – Karisse Isabel Patriarca (PHASES LC), 2nd Place – Destine Bernalte (BPFLC), 3rd Place – Xantheena Colas (UCCP LTIS).

Modern Dance: 1st Place – Jaesel William Waynaya, Samantha Haduca, Gharlize Gale Ozalta, Gillian Garcia, Casey Reign Suello, Liezel Arcinue (BPFLC), 2nd Place – Premaline Mae Adjana, Keira Madison Kiangang, Gleiannah Lazarte, Charlize Madayag, Nathalie Aihzelle Rillera, Patricia Serafica, (A. Mabini Elem. school), 3rd Place – Stephen Angelo DeLeon, Santino Yuan Lucenana, Alan Gareth Villegas, Chock Tatiana, Natasha Marzan, Natalie David (Berkeley School), also in 3rd Place – Angelica Alonzo, Althea Joy Baruzo, Cindy Castillejos, Zoey Itliong, Lianne Jael Urbanozo (A. Mabini Elem. School).

Meanwhile, Baguio Pines Learning Center Teams “A” and “B” bagged the Overall Level Champion and Overall 1st Runner Up respectively, while UCCP La Trinidad Integrated School settled for the Overall 2nd Runner Up in this year’s competition.

Likewise, Junior and Senior High School winners are the following: Quiz Bee Team (Junior High School): 1st Place – Erika Galvan, Iggy Anton Lami-ing, Vash Patrick Ancheta (Philippine Science High School-CARC), 2nd Place – Othniel Lopate, Jaima Munda, Shekinah Ambas (Holy Chapel Educational Center), 3rd Place – Kyle Sinaking, Valerie Dayag, Won Jun Yoon (Remnant Int’l College High School). Bible Quiz: 1st Place – Ethan Marcus Mayos, Israel Yangyang, Allahbag Calitong (Easter College High School, Team “A”), 2nd Place – Ashley Jayette Mendoza, Allyson Jayne Mendoza, Alton Mark Bayla (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Elizer Taligan, Zara Joy Pablo, Tzietel Jade Sacla (HCEC).

On-The-Spot-Drawing: 1st Place – Aleoralyn J. Manalili (Berkeley School), 2nd Place – Frankie Subala (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Jankeneth Padiso (HCEC). Oration: 1st Place – Alexander Theodore Sison (Pines City National High School), 2nd Place – Gamaliel Fangasan (ECIHS), 3rd Place – Robert Nelson Leung (PSHS-CARC). Extemporaneous Speech: 1st Place – Timothy Figueroa (Baguio Central University High School), 2nd Place – Mark Joshua Daquipil (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Josiah Demeterio (PCNHS). Vocal Solo: 1st Place – Alyssa Mae Cancillar (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Kamyzsa Nixi Mercado (Berkeley School), 3rd Place – Naomi Shinar Lumas-e (HCEC). Essay Writing: 1st Place – Nikolai Macatual (Guisad Valley National High School), 2nd Place – Rachel Piluden (ECIHS Team “B”), 3rd Place – Trishia Alvaro (ECIHS Team “A”). Vocal Duet: 1st Place – Juan Sebastian Casem & Rustana Kym Columbres (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Ian Dati & Rachel Baniaga (HCEC), 3rd Place – Brevard Nawen & Krishna Lobehoy (ECIHS Team “A”). Modern Dance (HipHop): 1st Place – Zyle Eyiomo, Leanzela Dacayo, Angelina Lambino, Patricia Palaroan, Renver Kyle Diza (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Nichole Morgan, Lara Beatriz Diaz, Jules Michael Lagiwid, Justin Gabriel Lagiwid, Maira Carille Villanueva (Berkeley School), 3rd Place – John Lynard Fernandez, Joshua Kobulan, Mark Angelo Tanicala, Laliebelle Casem, Aedriene Pinmiliw (Remnant Int’l School).

Overall Champion Junior High School Level: Philippine Science High School, 1st runner up: Holy Chapel Educational Center, 2nd runner up: Easter College Inc. Junior High School.

Senior High School Level: Quiz Bee Team: 1st Place – Paulina Christine Escano, Ed Mathew Balidoy (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Park Min Seo, Kang Tae Ho, Mikaela Epi (Remnant Int’l School), 3rd Place – Gracelyn Monoten, Raizen Mendoza, Farlec Macario (Easter College Inc.).

Bible Quiz Team: 1st Place – Precious Jacob, Chloe Abayao, Lonnie Gonzales (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Esther Escano, Jemma Sabelo, Julie Lawingan (ECIHS Team “A”), 3rd Place – Phrodite Daizzle Faguingas, Rhea Lynne Saysayan, Valerie Ann Santiago (ECIHS Team “B”). On-The-Spot-Drawing: 1st Place – Eudelyn Lumdang (ECIHS), 2nd place – Kurt Gabriel Sotelo (Baguio City High School), 3rd Place – Honeylee Calabson (Baguio Central University High School). Oration: 1st Place – John Kristian Balinsat (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Micah Fackayan (ECIHS), 3rd Place – Rona Milanes (BCUHS – B). Extemporaneous Speech: 1st Place – John Rey Mananeng (ECIHS-A), 2nd Place – Xhandra Mae Araos (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Cleciaflor Shermuel Balabag (BCUHS-B). Vocal Solo: 1st Place – Avegail Joy Erpelo (BCUHS-B), 2nd Place – Mary Grace Diane Lazatin (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Alexis Libatique (BCHS). Essay Writing: 1st Place – Gabrielle Charis Tagtag (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Angeli Mae Franz Figuerres (Berkeley School), 3rd Place – Apple Faith Lapangan (ECIHS-A).  Vocal Duet: 1st Place – Airish Mae Famorcan & Jeremy Andrada (BCHS), 2nd Place – Caryll Joy Calimlim & Melquiades Hernandez (PSHS-CARC), 3rd Place – Jan Vincent Barroga & Renee Astrud (HOPE). Folk Dance (Traditional): 1st Place – Leila Aguto, Alodia Alipe, Llyra Abulencia, Peter Garcia, Kevin Gines, Sean Tristan Velasquez (PSHS-CARC), 2nd Place – Ana Marie Tangonan, Rhoma Lanio, Joshua Bornales, Birch Dagami, Amor Encarnacio, Brooks Vicente (GVNHS). 3rd Place – Shekeena Picardo, Daniel Dominguez Ken Guindalos, Ronica Raine Babsa-ay, Lea Cogaed, Devine Dulnuan (ECIHS).

Overall Champion for Senior High School Level is Philippine Science High School CAR Campus followed by 1st Runner Up Easter College Inc. High School and 2nd Runner Up Baguio City High School.

College Level winners are the following: Quiz Bee Team: 1st Place – Jake Bariacion, Janrey Artus, Khem David Dosol (PMA – B), 2nd Place – Jonathan Mendoza, Claude James Vender, Glenn Arapoc (PMA-B), 3rd Place – Jannledor Pingalo, Joseph Glenn Domanaco, Ruben Pineda (NIIT-A). Bible Quiz: 1st Place – Angel Sabelina, Joffrey Valdez, Kyle Santos (PMA-B), 2nd Place – Jesrick Allid, Celestino Nacor, Javier Galac (Kings College of the Philippines), 3rd Place – Mary Rose Palerio, Kate C. Ngipol, Myroselyn B. Lucotan (ECI). On-The-Spot-Drawing: 1st Place – Christian Dave Bustos (BCU-B), 2nd Place – Carlo Rafael (BCU-A), 3rd Place – Ronnie Cobebe (KCP) and Andrew Tom Cruz (NIIT). Oration: 1st Place – Claudine Robiero (PMA), 2nd Place – Judy Ann Saleo-an (BCU-B), 3rd Place – Elizabeth Joy Claro (ECI-A). Extemporaneous Speech: 1st Place – Peter John Esden (BCU-A), 2nd Place – Sharra Mae Mahinay (KCP-A), 3rd Place – Christine Joy Andog (PMA). Vocal Solo: 1st Place – Knarl Vincent Tiongson (PMA-A), 2nd Place – Bench Caryl Ladia (BSU-A), 3rd Place – Denise Eastor Adobo (PMA). Essay Writing: 1st Place – Graciel Baroy (ECI-A), Joven Wadwachan (BCU-B), 3rd Place – Leila Mulles (BCU-A). Vocal Duet: 1st Place – Jerelou Taganas & Daonil Berilal (PMA-A), 2nd Place – Jonavie Lobusta & Gerrick Paguit (PMA-B), 3rd Place – Shiena Mae Sumagaysay & John Albert Lachica (KCP-A). Ballroom Dance: 1st Place – Chris Jamaica Jamarolin & Francis Ivan Dimatira (PMA-B), 2nd Place – Excel Makahiya & Kelly Ramirez (PMA-A), 3rd Place – Marco Usi & Kimberly Shane Albatero (BCU-A).

Overall Champion for the College Level went to Philippine Military Academy Team B and 1st Runner Up to Philippine Military Academy Team B, while 2nd Runner Up went to Kings College of the Philippines.

On the other hand, as preparations for the YMCA Regional Academic Olympics a meeting of all coaches and advisers of the first place winners in all events from the Elementary, Junior and Senior High School and the College levels will be having an orientation meeting set on November 8, 2017 at the YMCA Function Hall.

By BOBBY Vinluan


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