Baguio youth propose solutions to issues

BAGUIO CITY  – Various youth leaders in the city suggested possible solutions to the prevailing youth-related issues confronting the local government during the two-day Youth Summit held at the Baguio Convention Center late last year.

The Youth Summit was initiated by the Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports Development and the Committee on Social Services, Women and Urban Poor to solicit the insights of the youth on the prevailing issues confronting their sector.

The youth leaders agreed that there must be an aggressive surveillance done by concerned authorities on private and public properties to address the problem on the destruction of properties such as overpasses, parks, fences among others while parents must look after the welfare of their children to help address curfew violations and graffiti.

The leaders called on concerned authorities to strictly implement pertinent laws concerning the welfare of the youth to guarantee their adherence to the prevailing curfew for minors and the banning of graffiti in the different parts of the city while seminars on arts should be organized for the purpose of enticing the youth to be involved in arts.

The concerned leaders urged the barangay officials to educate the members of the Task Force Youth Development on their duties and responsibilities while it was also suggested that an online report page should be opened to address the vices of the younger generation.

Concerned departments of the local government were urged to provide more trash bins in public places to address problems on littering while there should be arts contest and provide freedom walls to help address vandalism issues.

Youth leaders also recommended that seminars should be conducted to willing volunteers to apprehend law violators while diverting attention to others and enhancing relationship with friends will help address their involvement to fraternities.

Further, it was suggested that there should be a house-to-house invitation for the youth to participate in the activities of the Task Force on Youth Development and for them to continuously discuss updates on their programs and projects beneficial to the greater interest of the younger ones.

The leaders underscored that members of the Task Force should undergo trainings on proper planning and budgeting to prevent the alleged improper use of the funds that are being allocated for youth development in the different barangays of the city while constant follow-up must be done by the Task Force members on the implementation of their desired programs to address issues on the alleged delayed implementation of projects.

Barangay officials were also challenged to be the ones to empower the youth in their areas of jurisdiction to be active members of the task force so that they will be able to actively participate in various projects such as character and personality development trainings among others.

It was also agreed upon that there should be team-building activities among the youth in the city’s 128 barangays to strengthen their bond and lessen their exposure to destructive activities.

By Dexter A. See


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