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Direct Contempt

A remedy against disrespect or defiance of authority is the power to hold people in contempt and impose penalties accordingly....

Fiber and Your Health


For one, who experiences fatigue, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, pale skin, cold extremities and difficulty concentrating, anemia is...

Pensioner’s day at ang SSS Pension Loan Program


Noong nakaraang linggo, nakakwentuhan ko sa SSS Baguio si Tatay Rudy. Halos sampung taon na siyang SSS pensioner at likas...

CAR Experts Triangulate Highlands Growth Snags

Adieu to Year 2022

A sage of long ago scribbled a two-sentence phrase that has metamorphosed immortal in the books and comes leaping out...

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Maria Clara Doctrine

The crime of rape is one which is so abhorred in our society that it is considered heinous. It has...

Fiber and Your Health

Moderate Alcohol Drinking

It’s Christmas and party time! For sure as in many Filipino gatherings, alcoholic drinks abound. Should you drink, health experts...

The Flag


May I deviate from the usual topic since this issue falls on Christmas Day.  It is everybody’s favorite time of...

Fiber and Your Health

Weight Matters

It is Christmas season and parties have started. Most if not all the dishes you crave for -  lechon, fried...

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To Give or Not to Give

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Is it because of the festive mood of most people, the willingness...

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