It is only two long days before we bid 2018 goodbye and welcome 2019. We are determined to look to the new year with sustained positive outlook the way we dealt with the obstacles on our way in our every endeavor. For the past several years, people made their own new resolutions as their guidepost to success in every aspect of life. However, we have seen how these resolutions failed, primarily, because of lack of sincerity of resolution-makers. In most cases, people go back to their bad practices after being “good” the first days, weeks, or months of the new year.

A common problem is our inability to sustain the slight improvement we achieve when we start to resolve to change for the new year. Our human nature makes the old ways always seem to be the easier thing to do even if these have failed us several times. Most of us are not risk-takers which warrant shift in our strategies and outlook on how to do things to move us on to a higher level of our endeavor. We always resolve to start the year on the right note but when we start encountering slight obstacles, we tend go back to our old practices. It is saddening to note that the ‘ningas cogon’ attitude that our Spanish colonizers have left us continue to thrive in us often negating our efforts to achieve success in our endeavors. Our bad attitude can become the primary cause of our failures simply because we never learned from our mistakes. We keep on committing the same mistakes but our drawing boards may be full of strategies we planned year in and year out.

Our consistency to do wrong things, aggravated by our lack of the will to pursue changes in our work, our lives, our plans, compound our woes, often causing us to be a repeat the mistakes we have committed to resolve over the past several years. Certainly, nothing will go right if we do not have a positive outlook in the way we work or live. It is worthy to emphasize we need to  balance all interests in our own prospects on how to be successful in life. One of our major mistakes in life apart from our lack of a positive outlook, is our reliance on luck to lead the way on how to do things. While most of us do not actually literally gamble, we tend to use luck occasionally as one of the gauges of success and ignore to grab opportunities.

We must be firm in our decisions as a clear message to everyone that we mean business. We do not simply play on things as if they are part of a puzzle which we have to find their proper places. While life is like a puzzle, we must study how to place the right pieces in their proper places so can move on to higher levels of performance. We must learn to properly solve the puzzles that come our way as we pursue our endeavors to avoid unnecessary failures.

Every aspect of life needs the application of science, math, psychology, among others, but it must be done with pure patience, calculated moves, and more importantly, common sense and good will. We have listened to a lot of predictions for the year 2019 but we should see these as guideposts, if we believe in them, and we cannot simply rely on these for success next year. The new year can be full of surprises anytime but again, let us not work on the said surprises. One of our mistakes is our refusal to make certain sacrifices at certain times to allow for the other good things to happen in our plans. To start the year right, we must acknowledge our weaknesses and resolve them, identify our strengths and optimize them,  search for opportunities and seize then, anticipate challenges and prepare for them.


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