Your Herald Express traces its humble beginnings, from a simple joke that cropped up among friends to a real serious business endeavor over the past two years. The passion for the trade allowed us to hurdle the birth pains of being what they called as a ‘new kid on the block’ to an initial force to reckon with, both in the print and on-line editions. The obvious jokes and the serious intrigues that confronted us through the years served as our inspiration to continue and sustain our gains in the local media industry. Our initial success will be our stepping stone towards achieving our vision of becoming the preferred news portal in the future, both in the print and online editions.

We did not project our expectations that high so we were satisfied to start slow, move up the success ladder on a staggered basis and reach the top when it will allow us. With our limited resources and the world’s fast changing technology, we have to keep pace with the latest trends in the information and communication technology for us to survive the stiff competition in the industry. We are humbled by the overwhelming support of people wanting to embrace change in the industry and we intend to keep our humility. Many people continue to wonder how ordinary people like us were able to get into this capital-intensive business without enough pennies in our pockets. What is important is we were able to show our children that persistence and providing quality news for all will keep us apace with the stalwarts in the industry. We will continue to explore other possibilities where we could excel.

We believe in earning our way through and we continue to learn our lessons even the hard. We stumbled many times and we expect we still will, but we treat these as lessons that will make us stronger. Will continue to innovate and expand our coverage both in the local, national and international scenes.

We express our sincerest gratitude to all those, who, in one way or another, supported us through the years. We started simple and we will continue to do so because we believe in simplicity as a virtue. This will keep us going through thick and thin. We thank our patrons for their belief in our capacity to deliver for them. We assure you we will not forget your support as we consider you as our inspiration in achieving our goals and objectives.

greenhorn-colorIf we have trampled upon some people in the practice of our profession, we call for understanding because we were doing our job as one of the alternative sources of information for our people. We do not vie for the first to report a newsworthy event in our midst but we remain committed to providing the public with sufficient information on pressing issues of relevance to them.

We also encountered a few setbacks this year but these kept us going and now we have reached our second year anniversary and we look forward more anniversaries to come with everybody’s support and patronage. We owe the readers of our print and online editions because if not for their continuous patronage, we could have folded up.

Competing with other publications in the region was not in our mind when your Herald Express was founded. In that simple gathering two years ago, the topic revolved on alternative sources of information for the people. It was our conviction that we will never be a competitor but we will just be around the corner waiting for our time to be recognized as the alternative source of information.

We assure everyone that we will continue to embrace changes that come to our midst to as appropriate. We will surely not sit on our laurels because we want to cater to the need of the present and future generations.

To our public servants, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, women and youth, as well as the general public, your Herald Express continues to be with you in your desire to learn about the latest developments around us. May you continue to join us on our journey of success by being provided with the latest information on events that happen everywhere. Thank you for the good year that was and we remain optimistic about a better informed future.

We remain committed to the vision of our founders who continue to be our guardians as we try to realize our goals and objectives. May you continue to make the print edition of your Herald Express as your weekly habit and our online edition at as your hourly source of information supported by our

We wish everyone a joyous safe celebration of Christmas and the coming New Year!