Public advised to buy meat that passed inspections

To be safe from possible food infection , the City Veterinary Office is advising the public to check the meat they buy from those displayed in the market stalls including processed meat foods.

Dr. Carmen Wanas of the Tabuk City Veterinary Office said the city government is advocating the selling of safe meat by following the proper procedures in meat inspection from ante-mortem, post mortem and post abattoir.

The ante-mortem she said is done by the meat inspector when animals for slaughter are brought to the city slaughter house for butchering. This she said would ensure that the animal is not sick or dead prior to butchering.

The second stage she said is post mortem inspection where the slaughtered animal internal organs are inspected for any defects or diseases not seen during the ante-mortem inspections.

The post abattoir on the other hand is the inspection of those already displayed in the market for the proper marking indicated that the meat followed proper inspection procedures.

Wanas said the consumers could check the quality check marks when buying.

The city vet is encouraging meat vendors to avail of the city slaughterhouse services to ensure the safety of their customers.

Currently, only the Public City Market of Dagupan she said is 100 percent compliant to the meat inspection code. At the Bulanao Public Market, around eight meat vendors she said are now availing of the slaughterhouse services and are submitting their products to proper meat inspection procedures.

By G. G. Dumallig


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