Unlicensed drivers causing most accidents in Kalinga


TABUK CITY, KALINGA – Over half of road accidents in the province were caused by unlicensed drivers, a report of the Kalinga Provincial Police Office (KPPO) showed.

From January to March 5, 2018, the KPPO recorded 42 incidents of vehicular traffic accidents or VTAs in which 32 of the suspects were unlicensed drivers.

Of the 42 incidents of VTAs, 30 involved physical injuries, nine involved damages to property, and three involved deaths. Two other incidents were self-inflicted.

The report identified Bulanao and Dagupan in Tabuk City as VTA hotspot areas, having recorded the most number of incidences since 2016.

Based on KPPO’s data, the component city recorded 287 out of 345 VTAs in the whole province in 2016 and 249 out of the total 287 VTAs in 2017.

Police Chief Inspector Jefferey Vicente pointed out that in sixty percent of the VTAs recorded from January to March, a motorcycle was involved. He also noted the increasing number of minors involved in VTAs, citing the two minors involved in the three cases of VTAs that resulted in deaths.

Other concerns he raised include over-speeding and violations in wearing protective gears especially among motorcycle riders.

He recommended to local officials the conduct of campaigns informing parents not to let their underage children drive, especially motorcycles.  He also urged the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO), KPPO and other concerned agencies to strictly implement the driver’s license policy.

By Iryll Sicnao


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