Apayao solon uplifts spirits of BJMP inmates

LUNA, Apayao  – Representative Eleanor “Cong. Leah” Bulut-Begtang uplifted the spirits and strengthened the hopes of 68 inmates along with their families who were gathered at the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology here during the  2017 Family Week Celebration on October 19.

Cong Leah encouraged the inmates not to give up their hopes despite the circumstances and misfortunes that currently surround them. Speaking in Ilokano, she said there is a need for them to stay in the facility for their own safety as well as to face the consequences of their misdeeds.

“Haan kayo maaw-awanan iti namnama, nakabasol kayo man ngem no ipakita yo nga nagbalbaliw kayon, ipakita yo nga saan yo nga ingagara dagidiay inar-aramid yo, no anya man pakadandanunan dagita kaskaso yo, addan to latta tiyansa nga maikan kayo ti wayawaya (Don’t ever lose hope, you might have committed something wrong but if you show that you have changed and you never intended it, you will be given the chance to have your freedom),” Cong. Leah stressed.

Cong. Leah recognized the crucial role of family’s support for the well-being of the detainees. She even challenged them to love them unconditionally for this is where the inmates draw their hope and strengths.

“Dakayo koma nga pamilya da, dakayo dagiti mangted iti kired ken mangpapigsa iti rikna dagitoy nga pamilya yo nga adda ditoy. No man kastoy ti napagtengda, ma-realize  da nga adda kayo pay lang nga pampamilya da nga no man pay adda da ditoy uneg ket masapul yo pay lang isuda. Papigsaen yo ti ayat yo kanyada (You as part of their family, you should be their strength. Embolden their feelings that even if they are here, they will realize that you are still there for them. Strengthen your love for them),” Cong. Leah said.

The representative of Lone District of Apayao said usually she does not encourage “areglo” or settlement. She has narrated her experiences way back when she was still a mayor.

“Idi mayorak, adu naipabalod ko, napadas ko pay impabalod diay kasinsin ko, haan ko nga inaramid diay tapno irurumen kayo or inrurumin ko diay kasinsin ko ngem kayat ko nga maikkan ti napinpintas nga gundaway nga maamiris na nga diay inaramid na haan gayam nga napintas tapno agbalbaliw ti pannirigan wenno panangkita na ti biag (When I am the mayor, many have been put into prison including my cousin. It is not to condemn but rather for them to reform and have a better look of their lives),” she stressed.

Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Jocelyn Loyon initiated the celebration and invited Cong Leah to be the guest speaker. Cong. Leah has just delivered her message earlier before the senior citizens of Apayao for the “Elderly Filipino Month Celebration” at the ECBJR Evacuation Center and Multi-purpose Gymnasium before proceeding to the BJMP Luna.

In this celebration, medical and mobile dental check-up had been provided for the inmates through the Provincial Health Office. There were also parlor games, intermission numbers and free lunch.

Jail warden J/Insp. Rudy Pad-eng thanked Cong. Leah and the Provincial Government of Apayao for looking at the welfare of the inmates through their programs. He said such programs could provide hope to the inmates.

Cong. Leah expressed her gratitude to Loyon as she has once more visited the inmates and had encouraged them. Vice Governor Remy Albano with Board Members Tolentino Mangalao, Emiliano Galleon and Elmer Molina had also joined the celebration.



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