Bauko gains headway in protecting the environment

BAUKO, Mountain Province  – The municipal government gained headway in its efforts to preserve and protect the environment from the destructive activities of the people to allow the present and future generations to enjoy the fruits of a well preserved environment.

Mayor Abraham B. Akilit worked out the aggressive campaign against the massive cutting of trees in the various forests within the jurisdiction of the town to prevent individuals from unscrupulously cutting trees without the required permit not only from the local government but also the concerned government agencies.

The local chief executive ordered the creation of a group whose members were tasked to monitor the abuses committed by people in the destruction of the environment and the sustainable source of potable water for the residents in the town’s 22 barangays.

“We issued the directive to our barangay officials for them to initiate the necessary programs to guard the communal forests in their areas of jurisdiction that will avert massive destruction of the forests for the benefit of the present and future generations,” Mayor Akilit stressed.

The local government also embarked on the establishment of municipal nurseries that will propagate endemic plants to be distributed to help against the spread of forest fires in the different parts of the municipality.

According to him, the concerned offices also contributed in strictly monitoring the implementation of the government’s National Greening Program (NGP), agro-forestry program of the Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (CHARM) program and the Integrated Natural Resources Management Program of the Chico River Basin Development.

He claimed that the necessary directives were issued to barangay officials to install the eco-composting receptacles in their areas of jurisdiction to help address their solid waste disposal concerns and to prevent the unabated dumping of waste in areas that will threaten the state of the environment in the locality.

More importantly, he stated that appropriate signages were installed along roads informing the public not to dump their garbage anywhere aside from signages on no-smoking and no-spitting of moma.

Aside from the needed interventions for the preservation and protection of the town’s environment, the municipal government also completed the construction of municipal comfort rooms, materials recovery facilities, as well as the forest land use plan and the local climate change action plan.

Akilit explained that the local government implemented the required Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) that resulted to the enhancement of its environment and solid waste management plan, one of the requirements of the National Solid Waste Commission (NSWMC) to comply with the provisions of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act.



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