Bauko to pilot test Norwegian technology on chicken dung

BAUKO, Mountain Province  – The local government will be pilot testing a Norwegian technology to reportedly remove the obnoxious odor of chicken dung and other animal waste and to rid the proliferation of flies in vegetable-producing areas in the municipality to ensure a healthy environment.

Mayor Abraham B. Akilit said if the pilot testing of the technology is successful, it will be aggressively promoted for use by the vegetable farmers to address the problem on the proliferation of flies that is one of the causes of some major illnesses, and remove the foul odor coming from the chicken dung being used by the farmers in fertilizing their crops.

“We want to find ways on how to reduce the population of files which thrive on chicken dung, especially in vegetable plantation sites in our locality, and eventually remove the foul odor produced by the said fertilizer, thus, we searched for the available technology that addresses the said problems and luckily, we discovered the Norwegian technology which we will pilot test in our locality, ”Akilit stressed

He added if the population of flies in the vegetable-producing areas of the municipality is decimated, some of the health issues can be addressed as the flies are carriers of bacteria they transmit to the food they land on and can cause illnesses.

According to him, the Norwegian technology is also applicable to other animal waste like pig and dog manure and the success of the implementation of the technology will be dependent on the results of its pilot testing to the wet and dried chicken dung being used by the farmers.

Akilit claimed the rapid multiplication of the population of flies due to the presence of chicken dung has been one of the major problems of residents living near vegetable gardens where chicken dung supplies are stored.

He asserted the Bauko municipal government is aggressive in searching for appropriate technologies to deodorise the chicken dung and other animal waste and help reduce the fly population of flies in the municipality and guarantee a healthy environment for the growing number of farmers dependent on vegetable farming as their source of income.

Bauko is one of the few vegetable-producing municipalities in Mountain Province that adds to the vegetable supply being produced in nearby Benguet.

Akilit appealed to vegetable farmers wait for the outcome of the pilot test of the Norwegian technology and requested them to pray for the success so that they can avail of its benefits, especially in effectively and efficiently addressing the health hazards due to the presence of flies as well as the obnoxious odor emanated by the animal waste in their backyards.

He said that he encountered the Norwegian technology through reading of researches on the issue.



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