Bontoc inaugurates new Municipal Capitol

BONTOC, Mountain Province – The new Bontoc Municipal Capitol makes every passer-by stop, look and admire the grand and elegant structure, taking pictures with the facade as the background.

The four-storey municipal capitol which houses the Bontoc municipal government formally opened to the public during its inauguration and blessing on September 12, 2018. This was accompanied by the unveiling of portraits of former mayors and incumbent municipal officials, and of artworks portraying the people of Bontoc and their life in the olden times, on the halls and lobby of the municipal capitol.

The new municipal capitol can accommodate a larger number of clients and visitors with wider rooms for the executive, the legislative body, and the municipal offices. It includes a separate civil wedding room, a multi-purpose hall at the top floor, and a parking area at the ground floor. Aside from these, it is also a client-friendly building with railings and ramp, and separate comfort rooms purposely for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women.

NEW BONTOC STRUCTURE – Municiplal officials led by Mayor Franklin Odsey (5th from left, in G-String) stand humbly in front of the new Bontoc Municipal Capitol during the inauguration and blessing of the elegant and class structure. This undertaking is a result of a harmonious relationship between the executive and legislative body. Photo by: Alpine L. Killa

Speaking before almost a thousand people in the audience,  Mayor Franklin Odsey emphasized the Christian value of giving thanks to the Almighty after a great undertaking, in this occasion, the inauguration and blessing of the new Municipal Capitol which he said, is an impossible dream come true.

Odsey said that this undertaking materialised because of the positive collaboration of the executive and legislative branches, and the support of the Bontoc community to the present administration. He likewise thanked the contractor, AIP Construction, for its good workmanship in the construction of the capitol.

The mayor also clarified that the name Municipal Capitol was adopted considering that it is situated in the capital town of the province and that it is a seat of government.

Former Mayor Louis Claver, Jr., (1980 to 1988 and 2001 to 2004), in his message delivered by son Councilor and Ex-Officio Sangguniang Panlalawigan member Alexandre Claver said that he is one with the people of Bontoc in celebrating the occasion. Further, he encouraged everyone to support the present administration in the improvement not only of the municipal building, but in the development of the community and the lives of the constituents too.

Former Mayor David Yawan (1992 to 1998) stated that the inauguration and blessing of the Municipal Capitol is more than enough for the people of Bontoc to rejoice as it is a manifestation of progress. He also added that although he and other former mayors desired the building of such a capitol, theirs was not the time for it to happen.

Similarly, Former Mayor Pascual A. Sacgaca (2010 to 2013) commended the officials for this undertaking, adding that with this new work place, it would surely motivate employees to render best public service.

Mountain Province Legislative Caretaker Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang who graced the occasion remarked that the Municipal Capitol will not only cater to the people of Bontoc, but to visitors and tourists who will visit the capital town.

“Therefore, let us open the gates of this capitol not only to ever I-fontok or I-Montayosa but more importantly, to every client and visitor in need of our assistance and hospitality,” Mangaoang added.

As he expressed happiness that the municipal government has gotten the right people for the project, the Mangaoang urged the people of Bontoc to take part in the social responsibility of maintaining, caring and protecting it.

In closing, he commended the officials in the capital town in working together for the good of the people.

“At the end of the day, it is still human spirit that is most important. Money can improve a municipality’s physical environment, but it cannot buy the vision and passion that will ensure the continued development of Bontoc. Let us acknowledge the hard work   of our leaders and every person who was instrumental and whose goodwill and industry has helped the town flourish despite many constraints,” Mangaoang highlighted.

It has been almost fifty years ago since the old Bontoc Town Hall was constructed.

By Alpine L. Killa


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