Contextualization of IKSPs in MP okayed

BONTOC, Mountain Province  – The provincial board approved an ordinance adopting the contextualization process in the teachings of indigenous knowledge systems and practices in the province and crating the Provincial Council on Culture and the Arts and amending Ordinance No. 7, series of 1998.

The ordinance authored by Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) and Boardmember Thomas Tawagen, Sr. stated that it will be the policy of the provincial government craft thde necessary programs for the enrichment of culture; establish a provincial council to promote culture and the arts, coordinate with government agencies and the non-government organization; passed on to generations the province’s rich culture and traditions; support the implementation of the indigenous knowledge systems and practices among others.

The ordinance mandated the creation of the Mountain Province Council for Culture and the Arts which shall be chaired by the Provincial Governor as chairman and shall be composed of the Provincial Vice Governor, the highest Department of Education official, Provincial IPMR, NCIP Provincial Officer, all Municipal Mayors, National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) cluster head, Indigenous Peoples Council elders from central, western and eastern Mountain Province, Mountain Province State Polytechnic College (MPsPC) representative, School Directors of Schools of Living Traditions; IP organizations and non-government organizations and IP education focal person, Provincial Library.

The Provincial Council for Culture and the Arts shall prepare the annual plan on culture and the arts consonant to the medium term Hilippine Development Plan for culture and the arts; formulate policies and plans for the enrichment and development of the province’s unique heritage; formulate programs and recommendations for cultural and artistic talents; protect, preserve and conserve the local cultural and historical heritage; conduct cultural events such as festivals, competitions, lectures, seminars and sympotia and set up exhibits during fiestas and other related activities in coordination with the private sector; conduct periodic consultations with all stakeholders or identify grassroots-based cultural concerns issues and agenda; encourage the development of local cultural industries; receive and accept grants, donations, subsidies and other conveyances, including project funds, donations, subsidies among others; to represent the people of the province on issues and concerns regarding erroneous information that may have circulated locally, nationally and internationally; regulate researches and other written published teaching-learning resources and professional development materialsand ensure that teachers and IKSP bearers can mainifest and transfer the IKSPS that are relevant and necessary in sustaining culturally rooted i-Montanosa learner.

Under the proposed ordinance, students who refuse to learn the cultural practices and cultural arts in their school by virtue of their religious belief are exempted from the operation of the measure.

The Secretariat of the Provincial Council on Culture and Arts shall be appointed by the Provincial governor with members coming from the provincial government, the participating agencies and the private sector.



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