Extensive health research in Bauko to be conducted soonest


BAUKO, Mountain Province  – The local government is venturing into a partnership with the Manila-based San Beda College for an extensive research on the causes of death of residents to serve as a basis in planning and programming the implementation of the needed interventions that can prolong the lives of people living in the rural villages of the fourth-class town.

Mayor Abraham B. Akilit said the proposed partnership for the conduct of the research will focus on the causes of death of new born babies, pregnant mothers, mothers delivering babies, young adults and even the elderly so that the local government will have a clear picture on how to plan out and subsequently implement the appropriate interventions that will keep people in the countryside health and productive.

“We still believe in the doctrine that health is wealth that is why the local government and San Beda College through its outreach programs will do a first-ever health research on the causes of death of people in the communities of the town. The outcome of the research will serve as our basis in providing the sufficient support for the implementation of doable programs, projects and activities that will keep our people healthy for them to be productive in their respective workplaces,” Mayor Akilit stressed.

The local chief executive admitted the research on the health status of the residents will not be an overnight project that is why the study will go on for the next few months to cull out the needed information from the ground on the state of the health of the populace.

According to him, the life expectancy of the present and future generations seem to be getting lower compared to the old folks whose ages even exceed the century mark that is why there must be something wrong on the present lifestyle of people that must be corrected the earliest possible time to prevent individuals from dying at an early age.

He expressed concern over the deaths of young individuals in the different barangays, saying that something must be done to at least address the problem of health before it goes out of control, thus, the establishment of the linkage between the local government and its private partner to have a second look on the prevailing health issues in the locality.

Akilit claimed that San Beda College will be bringing to the municipality its mobile health clinics to help in assessing the overall health condition of the people to uncover their health problems and to extend assistance in recommending the kind of programs that should be implemented by the concerned government agencies and the local government to contribute in efforts to improve the health condition of the people aside from reminding people to keep themselves healthy by eating the right kind of food, refraining from hazardous vices, among other practices that could be done by individuals.

He called on barangay officials and residents of the town’s 22 barangays to fully support the health research to be implemented the soonest because it is part of the local government’s strong desire to improve the delivery of health care services to the ground and making sure that people rightfully benefit from such programs, projects and activities of the government.



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