P45 million projects implemented by LHRMH


BAUKO, Mountain Province  – Some forty five million worth of basic health infrastructure projects are currently being implemented by the administration of the Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital (LHMRH) to boost the delivery of quality health care services to the clients of the regional hospital.

LHMRH medical chief Dr. Eduardo Calpito claimed that of the total amount of the projects, P37.5 million is being used for the third phase of the improvement of the hospital’s current extension ward, while over P7 million is being used for the construction of a 2-storey acute psychiatric building to significantly improve and increase the health care services offered by the health facility, especially for mental health.

“We will continue to work on the implementation of the funded priority projects of the hospital to improve and increase the available services we can provide our clients so they need not go to other hospitals outside the province for treatment and we remain optimistic that with our improved facilities, we will be able to attend to more complicated illnesses of patients seeking medical attention from the regional health facility,” Calpito stressed.

The LHMRH official claimed that among the remaining works in the facility’s extension ward is the improvement of its electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other systems for the efficient and effective delivery of health care services to the people of Mountain Province.

On the other hand, he explained he acute psychiatric building will still have to be constructed so the hospital cannot yet service complicated psychiatric ailments of patients, although once the facility will be completed, the LHMRH could attend to the psychiatric needs of patients wanting to be treated in the hospital.

According to him, the hospital has been a recipient of a good number of projects contributing significantly to the improved delivery of quality health care services to the people through the years considering one of the major thrusts of the government is to improve the services of hospitals in the countryside to help decongest the already crowded hospitals in the urban centers with facilities and service of the same quality as those in the urban areas.

He emphasized the facilities of the hospital have greatly improved because of the appropriate interventions infused by the health department, thus, people are now being encouraged to patronize the services of existing hospitals in their places because they know that the health personnel and the available units of health equipment are capable of addressing their health concerns.

Calpito expressed optimism the health department will continue to infuse the needed investments to achieve the government’s overall plan of improving the quality of health care services offered in rural health facilities to help in achieving the country’s commitment to keep the people healthy and lessen their exposure to dreaded illnesses that could compromise their current living condition.



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