Public told to report discourteous, dishonest tricycle drivers

BONTOC, Mountain Province – The Bontoc Municipal Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (BMTFRB) authorize to issue franchise to tricycle for it to operate as a public transport welcomes any complaints of passengers or commuters.

This following the observation of a passenger published in the Speak Up Section of a local newspaper on April 22, 2018 about a tricycle driver who accordingly collected more than the minimum fare of his passengers.

Danay B. Aquino, the Secretariat of the BMTFRB said that in response to this, their office called the attention of the tricycle driver and the operator. She added that they let the tricycle driver explain and have warned him and the tricycle operator that such incident must not be repeated.

She explained that before a tricycle operator is given a franchise, their office made him/ her understand the Municipal Traffic Code Ordinance No. 124 which the traffic rules and regulations, and duties and responsibilities of the drivers and operators are stipulated.

Aquino also reminded the tricycle operators and drivers that the Fare Matrix shall be hanged conspicuously inside the tricycle. It is specified in the Fare Matrix the minimum fare within the delineated points.

With this, she reiterated that the BMTFRB thru the Office of the Municipal Mayor welcomes any complaints, suggestions or queries of the public concerning tricycle drivers and operators.

“Everyone is welcome to visit the Office of the Municipal Mayor to report her/his complaints regarding tricycle driver and operator so that we can immediately call the concerned individuals. In this way, both parties are present, complaints will be addressed, and such incident will be avoided,” Aquino added.

Common complaints by the public are the refusal of some tricycle drivers to convey/ transport their passengers, and collection of more than the minimum fare to include not giving of the 20% discount to students, senior citizens and Person with Disability (PWD).

However, she clarified that most drivers observe their duties and responsibilities, follow the set minimum fare and comply with the traffic rules and regulations.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin C. Odsey, who also Chairs the BMTFRB appealed to all tricycle drivers and operators to perform their duties and responsibilities, and observe and follow the traffic rules and regulations to prevent problems that may arise.

By  Alpine L. Killa


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