Return of garbage bins on roads, parks studied

BAGUIO CITY  – The city Government is studying the possibility of bringing back the garbage bins on the city’s main roads and parks to prevent litter from being dumped anywhere that are an eyesore and health threats in the said places.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said the garbage bins on major sidewalks and in parks have been effective in the past but in most cases, undisciplined residents, business owners, and visitors use the said bins as dumps for their household and establishment waste.

“Much as we want to bring back the garbage bins in our sidewalks and parks, we want to make sure that the said bins will only serve as disposal areas for litters and not household and establishment waste. We call on our people that once the garbage bins will be put in strategic places in the city, it will only be for small waste,” Domogan stressed.

He said that once the management of a city-based bazaar will come out with the garbage bins that it promised to donate to the city, the bins will be placed in strategic areas on an experimental basis to test the discipline of residents and visitors in adhering to the policy that the bins will be for litters only.

According to him, concerned offices of the city are studying the possibility of bringing back the garbage bins, provided that, local residents and visitors will not dump their household and establishment waste thereat.

In the past, he noted that business owners whose frontages has these garbage bins used them for their establishment waste.

Netizens had actively posted the garbage situation in the city during and just after the holidays which showed overflowing garbage bins, and unscrupulous dumping of waste anywhere depicting a bad imgage for the city but actually reflects on the lack of discipline among the people, whether residents of visitors. Thus, the need to study further the return of the bins.

Domogan appealed to residents and visitors to be disciplined in disposing of their garbage properly per the set schedule of garbage collection by barangay, instead of using these garbage bins in front of their establishments or homes.

The city is awaiting the formal turnover of garbage bins committed to being donated earlier by the management of a local bazaar that will be placed along major roads and in parks to serve as litter dumps.

It was suggested that the garbage bins be placed in areas that could be monitored by close circuit television (CCTV) cameras to help authorities identify unscrupulous individuals who deliberately dump their household and establishment waste in the said bins.

He revealed the garbage bins to be donated will be again pilot tested in strategic areas in the city to test the discipline of local residents and visitors if they were able to mature in the proper disposal of their waste so that the pieces of garbage that will be placed in the bins will only be the small ones and not the huge plastics of waste from households and surrounding business establishments.

He claimed it is unfortunate that a lot of local residents and visitors do not have the necessary discipline in the disposal of their generated waste that is why there is still a long way to go in the disposal and collection of garbage from the identified dumping areas in the barangays. By Dexter A. See


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