The totality of possibilities

“Yes, this is possible!”

I enthusiastically utter these words every time I put hope in my heart to solve certain problems about the behavioral aspects of my students.

The teaching profession nowadays is very difficult due to lots of changes,  particularly on the behavior of leaners. With these changes, something must take place to help the learners develop and build good values for them to survive and achieve their dreams.

This challenges me how to handle, cope with, and build up solutions that might help the students to be better individuals.  Nothing is impossible if we really want to enter and experience the great possibilities. With this challenge on the part of a teacher, I must do what is best and try what I can.

Nevertheless, it really takes tons of courage to initiate change but there are always possibilities for change as long as one does what is right and stands for who he or she is. With this idea in my mind, I do not limit the opportunities and steps that bring possibilities in helping my learners.

Showing love and concern to a learner is the part of humanity. This starts within one’s self – how to establish a good relationship among students. Being persuasive and appealing to learners’ hearts and minds play vital role in searching for possibilities. As Confucius says, “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” Thus, when we love and care for the students, we would be loved and cared by them. Even a humble smile and listening to the learners can make their lives meaningful because they feel loved and cared unselfishly.

Relative to this, teachers or parents should not be anxious in doing right things as long as they are in the right path. Believing in themselves and having unmoved faith are some of the ingredients. This is because if you trust yourself and gain a strong determination in guiding your learners or children, you can make their lives happy.  Always remember this principle from Prentice Mulford: we can experience the “great possible” if we cease to react to the world with fear and create a new structure which eliminates the old fears. This new structure will replace fear with trust. Trust in each other, trust in nature, trust in higher laws of life.

As a teacher, I should overcome fear and establish a paradigm on how to be worthy to my students and set the characteristics I should possess to help them. This entails change in my thinking and in my teaching strategies and change also means growth.

Most importantly, change brings tons of possibilities in dealing with learners, in solving their problems, and making them feel they are loved and cared unselfishly.

By Victoria N. Palsiyeng


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