ABC requests for monthly night market

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Barangay Captains of the municipality of La Trinidad requested the operation of a night market along the Parking Area of Km. 5.

Association of Barangay Captains Vice President, Rolando Leon, stated that it is their aim to gather enough funds which can help their fellow officials who have ailments.

He also explained that it might be hard to implement the said night market next month since it is election period and that people might say negative things about it.

“Tapnu awan maibagbaga dagiti daduma nga umay agsirip ditoy karkaru ta dandani ti barangay election baka kitdi kunada nga usaren mi nga agpayso”, Leon says.

They are hopeful that their request will be approved after the Barangay and SK Election so that their program will not be delayed.

“Sapay kuma ti dawat mi nu daytoy succeeding months ket ag push through metlang diyay tapnu makatulong kami tikakadwa mi nga barangay officials”, he added.

The request by the barangay captains was given to an associated department for further study.


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