City Karate-Do Federation conducted licensing seminars

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City Karate-Do Federation, in cooperation with the Baguio City Government, conducted a licensing seminar for “KATA (form) & KUMITE (sparing) at the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) PE Room, here, last February 23, 2018.

The seminar was conducted in line with the upgrading of officiating skills for referees and judges and the rules and regulations for Karate.

According to Seminar organizers Sensei William Colas, head instructor of the YMCA Sphinx Martial Arts and President of the Baguio City Karate Federation, and Sensei Rodini Buyogan, Instructor of the Japan Karate Association NIIT Branch, the seminar provided the participants, specifically Karate-Do aficionados, coaches, referees and judges, and players, a better knowledge of the new Karate-Do rules and regulations.

Highlighting the training of new and old Karate-Do officials and judges and the future inclusion of the martial art sport in local, national, as well as international competitions, the organizers have invited Philippine Karate Federation and National Sports Association Chairman, Kyoshi Ramon Franco, Renshi Rommel Raymundo and Secretary Referee Shihan Emerson Balbin as facilitators and resource speakers.

Participants to the seminar, Colas added, had their practical exam on February 24, 2018 coinciding the conduct of the “2018 Panagbenga Karate-Do National Invitational Championships” that was held at the Baguio City National High school Auditorium at 9:00 AM.

He added that the Karate National Invitational Tournament will form part of the sports programs of Panagbenga 2018, providing the seminar participants as well as karatekas’ the opportunity to participate in a quality competition. The conduct of the tournament was sanctioned by the Philippine Karate Federation, the National Sports Association for the discipline.

He also said that the conduct of the Karate-Do Seminar and Tournament was supported by with AMA University, NIIT, Japan Karate Association, Sphinx Martial Arts, Black Master Sphinx Martial Arts and the Philippine Karate Federation-NSA.



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