“I may not be a millionaire, but I have a million friends. If I ask one peso from each of them, then I will be a millionaire.”

I heard that from my husband who heard it from his Uncle Lingham. From that statement I get my inspiration that it is easy to become a millionaire, that it is possible to raise a million for worthwhile projects, programs and activities.

I am not a millionaire but I have been a part of many fund-raising activities, especially for the school I am working in which is also my Alma Mater. For many, they do not want to be fund-raisers or solicitors. “Kababain” or embarrassing, they say. For me, it is fun and fulfilling, especially when you help a lot of people especially the younger generations.

Through my fund-raising experiences, I realized there are two kinds of people. Someone labeled them those with poverty mindset and those with wealthy mindset. Those with poverty mindset tell me that we cannot do it because the people have no money and very few will help while those with wealthy mindset say that it can be done and there are many people out there who will help.

Fund-raisers help people share their blessings to propel development. Fund-raisers give them the opportunity to release their blessings to receive more blessings. People who are able to help are happy people. Life is more meaningful if you use it to help others.

I personally believe that this universe is God’s and He owns all the wealth in the world. When we pray to Him for help, He uses other people to give the help we need. I haven’t seen an angel come out of nowhere to give me what I have been praying for but I have seen people’s generosity to support a cause. Thus fund-raising is an act of faith that God will help realize our visions through people down here on earth.

Let us thank God for fund-raisers. Let us thank God for all the generous people who support youth development and social development through fund-raising events. They have developed talents, they have supported livelihoods, and they have provided food, shelter and clothing to the needy, among others. The world is a better place because of them.



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