Run Enthusiasts respond to Smoke-Free Run’s Cause

Baguio City – Hobbyists, beginners, common joggers, amateurs, athletes and elite made their presence felt as a 430 of them flocked the Burnham Lake Drive and registered last November 19, not only to compete, but also to support the worthy cause of the run.

When the dust settled, Albert Ong and Marissa Cayowet emerged tops as they ruled the longest distance category of the event.

Photo contributed by Philip Pacle.

Ong clocked 43:14 to top the Men’s 10K category, ahead of Rommel Seno 43:25 and Jhun Arquero’s 43:28.

Cayowet checked in at the 50:45 mark, with Maria Cecelia Kiswa and Marween Corpuz trailing her with 53:06 and 57:06 clocks, respectively.

Louie Agawa (15:38) bested Kiddy Badongen (20:52) for the men’s 5K diadem while Gyanne Oabel clocked 15:38 to best Remedios Daria (33:50) and Valissa Polig (36:21) in for the distaff side.

Grey Villafuerte came in first for the men’s 3K category, clocking 13:01. He was tailed by Jairus Alipid with 16:23 and Israel Fagela with 17:20.

Photo contributed by Philip Pacle.

Rebekah Brown ruled the 3k distaff side with her 17:30 time, followed by Farah Dangadang (17:31) and Smanatha Jaeden Fernandez (18:39).

Philip Pacle, the race director of the event, hopes the event becomes a regular fixture in the city’s running activities. “I hope this (the run) will continue even if we attain what we are aiming for, that is, 100% smoke-free Baguio”, he said.

He, however, acknowledged that the main purpose of the event could not be achieved in a short time frame and that long-term commitment to it is needed. “I want to impart to everyone that we can’t achieve our goal if this activity is for one day only but let us be committed to share the very purpose if this event: start running, stop craving”, continued Pacle.

He also emphasized the value of exercising without spending a ton of cash. “We want to tell everyone to engage in physical activity like running, the cheapest form of exercise to change their lifestyle”, he ended while not forgetting to express his thanks to supporters of the event.



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