NIA turns over irrigation system to Sablan farmers’ group

SABLAN, Benguet – The Calamay Irrigators’ Association (IA) of Brgy. Bayabas dutifully and happily accepted the completed Bayabas Communal Irrigation System (CIS) on February 27, 2018.

In a simple inauguration and turn-over ceremonies held at Sitio Calamay, the National Irrigation Administration-CAR as implementing agency turned over the completed Bayabas CIS to the IA that will be responsible in the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

With a total project of five million pesos funded by the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), the project has been divided into two sectors—Calamay Sector and Bulala Sector. The Calamay Sector with water source from the Ambingel Creek has five reservoir tanks and 5.18 kilometers high density polyethylene pipelines. These facilities will now be operated and maintained by the Calamay IA which has 34 beneficiaries with a total aggregate service area of 35 hectares.

According to Manuela Pagnas, one of the beneficiaries, farmers in their area now have more efficient irrigation as they cultivate their rice farms for two croppings a year. Others can even plant high value crops such as cucumber as third crop.

Meanwhile, the Bulala Sector which has scheduled a turn over ceremony on March 7 has also five reservoir tanks and 4.32 kilometers of pipelines starting from their water source, Ubbog Spring. This sector of the Bayabas CIS will be operated by the Bulala IA with 20 members covering 15 hectares.

Engr. Benito Espique, Jr., Acting Regional Manager of NIA-CAR, congratulated the farmer irrigators for being active participants during the construction of the irrigation system as even the female beneficiaries participated in the hauling of aggregates and other construction materials. He urged the association to continue with their cooperation as they operate their irrigation system.

Calamay IA President Benjamin Lorena expressed gratitude to NIA-CAR and all those who supported the completion of the Bayabas CIS including the Department of Agrarian Reform, NIA-Benguet Satellite Office and the Local Government Unit of Sablan including the Municipal Agriculture Office.


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